Nicholas Ferracamo

Born and raised right outside of Boston, Nick attended school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he was studying Business Marketing and Sales. After a of couple years he came to the realization that his heart was not in it. Trying to find what he wanted out of life, Nick moved to Florida for two years. It was there where he started to act. Taking his first acting class with Robert Hatch, he decided from that point on, acting would be his passion. He then moved to New York City where he attended the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After graduating from AADA, Nick has kept himself busy performing in a varied amount of plays and films. A fan of period pieces, Nick quickly jumped at the opportunity to audition for the role of Henyrk, the escaped Jew in the film. 

" Working on Confession was a great experience, particularly researching my character of an escaped Jew during WW2 " − Nicholas Ferracamo

Zenon Zeleniuch 

Zenon was drawn to the film's storyline as it focused on the emotional issues soldiers dealt with during WWll. Having a long passion for reading books on the Second World War, he was thrilled to be a part of the project. The film dealt with the compassionate yet tormented loyalty German soldiers experienced during the close of the war. Zenon's character Fritz Muller is confronted with the choice of being the obedient soldier or helping the escaped Jewish prisoner. Zenon continues to pursue acting in independent films staring in both dramatic and comedic parts as well as in theaters across New York. 

" The wooded back drop and reenactment soldiers provided a tremendous sense of realism towards creating my character " − Zenon Zeleniuch

Tom Ashe

Tom Ashe, originally from Winnipeg, MB, Canada moved to New York in 2009 with ambitions to train and begin his career as an actor. After having completed the 2-Year Conservatory program at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts he continued to apply his skills to the real world, working in small theatre and film productions. He is currently trying to work his way through as many projects as he can, fueled by the need to push himself and do more. Tom plays the role of the SS Officer, delivering a grand speech in the opening scene of the film.

“I want to thank and show my appreciation to the cast and crew that worked on Confession for a totally new experience” – Tom Ashe

Third Panzergrenadier Division (The Germans)

 The 3rd Pansergrenadier Division is a group of military historians, located in the Northeastern United States, dedicated to the accurate research and portrayal of the average German soldier serving in the latter stages of the Second World War. Supply the film with their soldiers, trucks, motorcycles and incredible knowledge of that time period, without them the film would lose the realism that it was going for.  A special thanks goes out to them for being helpful with their advice in how to showcase a German base camp, as well as giving historical advice to the actors.

“We hope our vast knowledge of the 3rd Panzer Division helped in creating a sense of realism in the film” – 3rd Panzer Division

Third Rifle Division (The Russians)

The 3rd Rifle Division is a WWII reenacting group located in the Northeast United States, with multiple members from the throughout the region. They portray a typical platoon of a WWII Russian rifle. By researching the history of the Russian infantrymen, and by "experiencing it for real" at battles, they strive to recreate the trials and tribulations of the soldiers of the Red Army. They were a great asset to the production of the film, giving the director as well as the actors constant feedback on historical accuracies as well as advice on how to better “reenact” a day in the life of a WW2 soldier.

“We want to thank the cast and crew of the film in giving us the opportunity to partake in such a grand endeavor”. – Third Rifle Division